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The future’s bright…

i-love-netball-not-ball“The future’s bright” according to the news section of the latest edition of the England Netball magazine that dropped through our doors a week or so ago.

In case you haven’t had time to read the magazine I thought I’d update you all on some interesting developments for netball in the UK sport arena.

England Netball just received a £25.3m funding award from Sport England, which is actually the third highest award among all sports in the UK. This is an amazing result for netball, which until recent years, had not received the recognition it deserved in the UK sport arena.

However, after four hard years of development and success by England Netball and numerous initiatives, such as ‘Back 2 Netball’, which has seen a 34% increase in the number of people playing netball, netball is well placed as the preferred team sport for women.

This is fantastic news for OSP and all the other netball clubs in Oxfordshire who have been promoting the benefits of netball for years.

One of England Netball’s strategic goals is to establish England as the number one team in the world by winning the World Netball Championships. Our Alphas our echoing this locally at the moment by leading the Premiership league and we’re all hopeful that with just a few matches left they can succeed in being league champions.

Part of the success of England Netball has been to make watching netball a more enjoyable and sociable affair and I know in the past OSP have tried to get to as many matches as we can. I’m sure we’ll continue to do this and certainly my aim for this year is to get to at least one England match. I’ll keep you posted on when these are.

If you have any other news on the progress of netball in the UK let me know, I’d love to share more info.

Sara :)


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