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Betas vs Arrows A

WIN 41-37

Betas had a great game on Monday night – beating Arrows A by 4 goals! We played a consistently strong game, with good energy and communication throughout. In the first quarter we were fairly evenly matched with the opposition, however, some of our play was a little frantic and a few soft/ inaccurate passes meant that we lost opportunities to convert turns. In the second quarter we increased the pressure on their shooters; GD and GK doubled the GS, while WD and C picked up their GA and kept her out on the D. We made a number of interceptions from their centre passes and successfully turned some of them over, pulling ahead by half time. In the third and fourth quarter we managed to hold a lead, however, in the final quarter Arrows managed to just sneak within 5 goals. Our marking was really strong and we forced a number of errors. Overall, I think we were the stronger team and deserved to win!

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