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Alphas vs Witney

WIN 38-31

The Alphas fought hard for a well deserved 38-31 victory against Witney. The opposition had a formidable GS who we struggled to contain during the first quarter, and we were down by 5 at quarter time. After discussing tactics we began to get the measure of our opponents, and with some persistent and patient play, in defence and centre court, our attack was able to make the most of their opportunities and we drew the quarter. This still left us 5 goals down at half time, but with a few changes we took to the court determined to start grinding down Witney’s lead, feeling the momentum was with us. Some incredible work in the defensive circle neutralised the opposition’s main scoring threat, and our centre court and attacking third worked hard to make the most of every chance we got to score. We overturned Witney’s lead in this quarter and pulled away even further in the fourth, keeping our heads in what turned out to be quite a heated match. The final score reflects a real team effort, and is an excellent result from a performance characterised by real determination. Well done Alphas!

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