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Alphas vs Vale A

Draw 28 – 28

The alpha’s had another tough match this week in horrible weather conditions! After a slow first quarter getting use to the wind and rain we were behind by 2 goals heading into the second quarter. Having made some changes and refocusing on the basics we won the second quarter bringing it back to even. We had a fantastic third quarter, really increasing our energy levels on court and were leading by 6 going into the last quarter. But they made some effective changes, and really came back at us in the final quarter and we just couldn’t hold onto our lead – with it ending 28 all!  There were lots of positives from the game, particularly our patience coming down court and feeding into the circle against a very strong defence. And we gained 3 valuable points from what was a very tough match. Well played everyone and thanks to the beta reserves for all of their support on and off court.

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