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Alphas vs Trinity A

23 – 45

The alpha’s had a really tough match this week against Trinity losing 45 -23. We got off to a good start and although they were 4 ahead at the end of the first quarter we felt we’d played well and could keep in contention. But they proved too strong and gradually extended their lead in the second and third quarter. Going into the fourth quarter we were losing by over half, but as a team we were determined to bring the score back so we could get a point out of the game. We made some changes and the reserves that came on made a real impact – and although it would have been easy to give up we kept on fighting and marginally won the last quarter bringing us back into half of their score meaning we got that valuable point. Was a tough match but we also played some really good netball at times but just couldn’t sustain it against such a strong opposition, most of who play in the South East Regional League. We’ll regroup and come back fighting for our next match – well done alpha’s!!

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