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Alphas v NOA


A really tough match again this week in the hottest temperatures so far this season. We played against NOA who started the match very strong, and despite some spells of good play from us were leading by 8 at the end of the 1st quarter. We came together and identified that we needed to improve our speed of pass which really worked for us in the 2nd quarter where at one point we pulled it back to a draw. But they had a sustained run at the end of the 2nd quarter again putting them ahead by 8 goals going into the 2nd half.  We made some changes and made a really positive start in the 3rd quarter but again they came back at us meaning we still hadn’t closed the gap. The 4th quarter was by far our best…we went on court determined to get as many points from the game as possible and weren’t happy to settle with only getting within half of their score. We played some excellent netball, our passing and movement improved and this increased our confidence helping us turn play after play. It was a nail biting last few minutes as we’d pulled it back to a draw and the ball was swinging down both ends and either team couldn’t have taken the win! But the final whistle went and we were happy to take the 37 all draw and the valuable 3 points! Well played everyone…great determination and team work to pull back from so far behind!

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