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Alphas v Brize


A really tough match this week for the alpha’s against a very strong Brize team with us losing 64-25. With Brize currently undefeated and fielding their strong Regional team we knew it would be a touch match. Brize made a really strong start in the first quarter leaving us all a bit shell shocked and behind 20 – 4 at the end of the quarter! But we did have moments during the quarter where we played some really lovely netball and our patience and short style of play was working for us. We were determined not to give up and we set ourselves the target of scoring more goals each quarter than the quarter before…which we achieved and even won the last quarter 10 – 8!! During the match we made some changes in defence and attack which made a real impact, and we really worked as a team to focus our game and at times put real pressure on them and forced a number of errors so we could turn play. And importantly in true OSP spirit we never gave up – and who knows…if it wasn’t for our really slow first quarter the score line could have been much closer! Lots for us to take away from the match…well played alpha’s!!

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