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About Us

OSP is a lively and friendly netball club based in Oxford. We are sponsored by the Oxford Science Park, who kindly helped to provide us with new netball dresses, which we love and wear with pride, as you can see!

Since the club formed, we have been playing in the Oxfordshire Netball League, have grown from one to two teams and have been promoted numerous times.

We currently field two teams, Alphas and Betas. We train once a week and each team plays once a week. Between September and March we play in the Oxfordshire Netball Winter League where our teams will be playing in the Premier League and Division 1. We also play in the Summer League which runs from May to July.

At the moment we do not have the capacity to take on any junior members so we ask that all members are over 18 please.

There are lots of development opportunities at OSP so whatever you are looking for we should be able to help. We are a really supportive club and often members play up and down into other teams to help fill the gap. Prior to every season we hold trials to ensure we have the strongest squads pulling together and also to reward the hard work and improvement we see in members.

We are also training a number of members to become umpires and coaches.

New members are always welcome – if you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.