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Archive for May, 2015

Alphas vs Trinity A

23 – 45 The alpha’s had a really tough match this week against Trinity losing 45 -23. We got off to a good start and although they were 4 ahead at the end of the first quarter we felt we’d played well and could keep in contention. But they proved too strong and gradually extended their lead in the second…

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Betas vs AB Centre Vets

57 – 35 Hurray – our first WIN of the season and a very convincing WIN too if I may say so. Well done everyone- an analysis of the scores reveals that we won every single quarter! There was some lovely text book Betas netball during the first half of the game. We held our centre passes and turned over…

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Alphas vs AB Centre B

55 – 22 The Alpha’s kicked off the season with a fantastic win against ACNB B 55-22. We led from the start building up a strong lead in the first quarter. But we didn’t become complaisant and really focussed on winning each quarter, setting targets to work towards and keeping up the energy and work rate to see out the…

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